Friday, 3 November 2017


The road was desolated, like his mind,
The crowded esplanade he strolled, turned empty in a whisker,
Body is robust, but not the will,
Thick layers of fog covered the beautiful boulder stone,
Mist is magnificent for eyes, but he can’t spot the horizon.
Abandonment is like fog, which spreads up and engulfs the absolute view,
Cover the vertical extent and panorama,
But the body and mind relish, while fog brushes you,
Deserted from love or people can be loneliness,
An empty mind can be loneliness,
A mind which is confused, who knows??
He wants to be like a tree, because it stands in the same place,
It can’t loco mote, because it’s deep rooted to the position,
Sever is the only way to separate, but then it’s dead,
He can brave cold, wind and fire,
A tornado only can uproot him, but he won’t be lonely.
The dewdrops tickled his legs, like they crave his company,
The fog and the rain attempted to impart emotions on him,
Emptiness filled, like darkness eating up the secrets of a forest,
But he knows, he has to be emotionless in this world,
It’s a place to succeed, not to flunk.
He rapidly filled up his mind, with thoughts of success,
The fog disappeared, the rain stopped,
The horizon is conspicuous, esplanade is filled with people,
He got many to love, they murmured in his ears,
“Let’s move on “
His vision is clear now, but misses this exquisite feeling called “Loneliness”,
Because it evokes him that he has a heart too!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 19 October 2017


True love always baffled her. It's strenuous to be true in this world, so the locution was confusing. She wanted to be independent and distinctive firing all cylinders. She asked him, whether it's true love?? He grinned, clutched her and told “Yes babe, the world is covetous about our bonding”. She remembered this every time he abused and poked her. He expressed and portrayed his true love on her body with cigarette. She endured it with a smile. Being Truthful may be agonizing, so better earn this, she consoled herself. She adored her beauty and soul more than anything else. She spliced her dilapidated heart every time, he smashed it.
“Life can be grueling, but hold on to your will”, once her dad told. She nurtured and developed a formidable will power for the world. But the weeping mind knew that this will power was only for the society. Mind strived to come out through her face, but she supervised it victoriously every time.

The world has transformed and evolved in to rational rather than truthful and soulful. People developed pragmatic and naïve approach in relationships. Emotions dissipated slowly, but steadily. Majority of relationships prospered on mutual benefits rather than thought sharing. Utility started influencing the life of a relationship. But she was confident about the power of her emotions and true soul.
His exhibition of true love and true colors to other girls left her vulnerable. “Whether this heart break is the pain of a true love? Presumably it’s a one sided true love.” She consoled. The sundown became colorless; smile became a liability. He snubbed her marriage offer. He wanted to explore her more. But she was ready and thought that she found the true love of her life. Marriage may not be a part of true love.

She left him, leaving an irreversible dent in the mind. Her stint with continuous taste of liquor and smoke of Cigarettes was a complete failure. It just blocked the senses. As soon as she became sensible, the pain became agonizingly high.  She comprehended that there is nothing called mind wash, its only get used up to mind bashing and get along with it.
The drive along with him was sublime. She found him unanticipated and he showered on her like a light and soothing drizzle.  She lowered the car window. The cold breeze mixed with tint of rain pampered her hair pushing her to a joyful feeling never before. Darkness was staring at her like an ocean of uncertainty. He stared at her. She looked like an oil painting with her lovely hair fluttering in the breeze. Lightning revealed her ravishing face on a number of occasions. Her captivating smile and magnetic eyes bewitched him and the alluring night. Their emotions were strong like the bond of a sea tide and shell. Tide pull and carry the shell inside, but again place it back after filling the shell with emotions. People can always spot the shell away from the tide, but tide always comeback to take the shell inside.  But the irony is that, tide never ever can keep the shell for long. That’s the essence and beauty of that relation. Both of them came very close with their lips in touching distance. She closed her eyes to get the first true love kiss.

A sudden and full throated sound forced her to open the eyes. “Mom, Where is my tooth paste??”, Her adorable daughter asked  innocently. A sense of desolation came to her face. She loves her daughter very much. She is her support system. Is caring or loving someone unconditionally can be the symptom of true love?? Whether true love actually prevails? Probably true love can’t be projected in front of our practical society. She has married a practical person for that reason. She realized that true love gives the necessary support to come up in life out of miseries. The pain of the memories of true love may be driving her straight, with a positive intend. May be it was required for the family. Sometimes the emotions are going out of hand. She lived the moments of true love. But, yes, Life is good!!! True love exists, because she is alive!!!

"The course of true love never did run smooth"

- William Shakespeare

With True Love
Leemon Ravi

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Whether BJP elbowing India in to a Crony Capitalistic country projecting economic reforms??

Economic reforms come from effective planning, Cash reserve corrections and  streamlining financial transactions by way of strict rules with long-term goals. Citizens of India always supported initiatives commenced to annihilate corruption and black money out of the system. The quintessence was the colossal crowd congregated across India supporting IAC ( India against Corruption ) in 2011, for a strong Jan lokpal. Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal became house hold names. A new political party decimated all other Party giants and sworn in to power. Indians gave the same buttress to Narendra Modi for  de-monetization drive, hoping that  it will bring out black money and help people to prosper. I salute the people who stood in bank queues for hours with patience and said that "We support Modi to elicit black money". This shows the level of frustration of people thriving for proper economic stability and a day in their life, where a lazy administrator wont demand favors to execute a work. But all the political parties are pushing Indian economy to a *crony capitalism at an alarming rate. BJP went one step further to gain popularity by luring more people towards their ideologies projecting themselves us Crusaders of corruption and Guardians of Hindu religion. Congress was a disaster and BJP a Catastrophe. The audacity of these petty politicians to play with the emotions of people are surprising. None of these political parties can curb corruption because they are the concomitant of the same.
 The biggest fallacy committed by the current dominion is dissolving the Planning Commission of India, quoting that it's a wreck. Its been replaced by NITI Ayog. NITI Ayog has not played any role in economic reformation from the date of starting, instead Government of India created so many initiatives in different names, which has forced the finance ministry to nitpick all these schemes with a nominal man power. There is no point in reinventing the wheel. Finance ministry and the administration are doing only micro management and political stalwarts smothering the affairs of NITI Ayog.
 De-monetization has actually helped black money hoarders to absorb their assets in an effective way and bank managers became rich overnight. The move has destabilized the unorganized sector which accounts to 70% of the economy because of the limitations in withdrawal. The most funniest part about Unaccounted money related raids are that, neither these catches are not accounted anywhere nor any punishments to the culprits . The administrators are asking bribe in new currency instead of old one. The move hasn't evoked any fear in the minds of these corrupt administrators. Government is Testing Banned medicines and injecting useless religious thoughts on our people like third world countries. My mother has learned to use smart phone after 1 year of my relentless effort and now Government is talking about cashless economy digitally. Traditional ways of implementation is required along with sophistication. Time delay for a transition is  crucial for an economy and doing necessary arrangements before doing the same.
Government has done nothing but lip service only for the choking agricultural segment. There is no creative effort to bolster agricultural R & D towards eliminating pests and related crop yields. This gives an impression that Government wants to promote and instill Genetically Modified Food concept with the help of foreign agencies in the name of food crisis in the future. They haven't even bothered to classify agricultural terrains across the country. But strangely optic fibers are deployed across the length and width of the country with impeccable precision and heavy investment. Congress made the esplanade and BJP is walking on it. Crony capitalism and economical incompetence are directly proportional. An increased favoritism weakens the economy because of weak laws in financial segment.

Congress helped Vodafone to evade tax and now BJP set an example by helping Adani group to duck the fine imposed by National Green Tribunal  for nature destruction in the name of SEZ. Absence of a strong leader along with a bundle of corruption cases in various Indian courts weakened Congress. Small parties jump coalitions on regular intervals for their economic benefits. Communism is long dead and the so-called  'high command leaders' at helm has taken it to the grave. Our parliamentary sessions are truncated to mere comedy reality shows with zero productivity. The bills passed in the parliament are increasing the wealth of political parties. Crony capitalism is outweighing our economy in the absence of strict measures against corruption. These Crusaders of corruption have objected Jan Lokpal and RTI rules to check political party accounts. Selfies and photo ops replaced creative thoughts and healthy debates.

The biggest challenge for the present regime is the Budget 2017. We had a deficit budget last time, with so many schemes still lying untouched with all our Indian economic dreams floating in mid-air. Manufacturing industry hasn't picked up the pace and bank transactions became a joke because of De-monetization. The only positive for the Government is the tax collected out of fuel revenue from the people in an unjustifiable way. Congress regime removed the oil price regulatory committee. The current Government just sat on that, instead of overturning the same to pump in money for upcoming budget. Skilled labour encouragement is in papers only with a clueless handicraft ministry. Defaulters and NPA are adding the agony. If Government won't come with strict laws to curb favoritism, the black money cycle will continue irrespective of De-monetization. Banning currencies won't bring revenue but strict regulations do. Government has to seriously think about reinstating planning commission with eminent economists instead of politicians. All the Government schemes should reach people for an effective implementation. Whether Modi has the courage to walk the talk? He can be like Sachin Tendulkar of 1990 Indian Cricket team, who has won many matches single-handedly against all odds. Common man is hoping for equal treatment after all  hardships in their life ranging from family to professional life. Think about street Vendors standing in the rain to sell their produce for a living. I have seen police officials taking bribe of Rs.10  from a  child selling handkerchiefs in Bangalore. I can't forget the sadness of that kid's face losing his hard-earned money with a smile to that goons. Socialism can bring a smile to the face of that kid and Crores of Indians, Crony capitalism can't...
With Patriotism,
* Crony capitalism is a term describing an economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials. It may be exhibited by favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, special tax breaks, or other forms of state interventionism.


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Creative protests, Self sustainable communities, Demonetisation and Indian economy


India is an emerging economy blessed with terrain, language, climatic and manpower diversities. But the immediate threats to be averted are the growing political scams and a derailed judicial execution structure. If we analyze the nomenclature of scams and caste based politics in India, it's so deep-rooted that the person commenting on the same being saturated from the mass and crucified for a life time. But this has to change for sure and some body has to start the crusade. Modern day India has already shown the sparks against scams through social media and channels. Many people say that nothing will change in India and better to go to a foreign country and settle. But people forget that our main strength is democracy itself and mountains can be moved with collective effort. The youth in India are rising and there is no comparison for our intellectual level, hardworking mentality and vision towards life. We have to start our fight in a constructive way before this political crooks take over the virtual space with their definite agendas.

India need creative protests to equipoise our economical and social life. Our diversity is our blessing and curse. We have zero self sustainable communities with a hopeless electoral process governed by brainless representatives. For example, Government is increasing fuel prices in an unprecedented fashion for reasons known to administrators only. The greatest protest will be a lock down destroying public properties and banners showing protest in social media. Why can't we face this in a creative way ?. Political parties use our youth as per their intentions.
If all of us decide not to use fuel for our personal purposes and start using only Government transport, the estimated loss for these blood sucking oil companies will be huge. If we continue this non corporation for 2-3 days, they have to cut the fuel prices for their existence. We can use the support of social media and other sources to make this happen. There will be a huge impact without vandalizing public property. The so-called old generation politics will end in coming years and youth will take over political spaces with in this span. But if we won't practice creative protests in upcoming years we will be replicas of our existing political agonies. Youth has to analyse an issue before Coming to a conclusion. Channels and social media can only be references, but not deciding factors. Decision should be made only on our analytical strengths. News channels have evolved as a place for propagating their agendas through analysis.  There were news of intolerance, Patriotism, caste based issues etc. But no body is getting steamed up about economic empowerment.
Kailash Satyarthi is the perfect example of creative protest irrespective of media or Government aid. No one comprehending myself was not knowing that, there is a person who is toiling for the rights of children from past 30 years and he has successfully rehabilitated a large count of Kids in a systematic way. Guess who heard this? The Nobel committee and the world!!! The person with less than 100 Twitter followers has touched lakhs of followers in a matter of time. He was doing a creative struggle to rehabilitate destitute children in his own ways without any succour.
I am doing an initiative called UTHHAN- Empowering artisans, which is the first initiative in India where profit from handicraft product sales goes directly to the deprived artisans without any middlemen ( Website - I have approached many Government bodies including Artisan Crafts board. I had even met an administrator, who had gone to Switzerland to understand the plight of ailing artisans!!!!  Countless artisan products are lying in Craft boards and they couldn't able to sell any artefacts for years. These are leeches eating tax payers money and We cant expect any aid from them. But if We can create a self sustainable community, this department will become useless and Government has to pass the benefits to artisans. My only Vision is to make the artisan community self sustainable. Jwala foundations, headed by Aswathi Jwala , whose sole aim is to eradicate the hunger of  drifters has dug deep by way of creative struggle and has gone viral in Social media. She has done something simple but created a deep rooting effect.
We are seeing a band of youths, who are handling the IAS portfolio across India has shown grit and courage at the time of adversities and never back down on their fight against corruption. So definitely the Youth of India are creating a mark in our economy. But the problems which we have to immediately address are the biases based on Caste, region and religion. We are still fighting by virtue of all type of ism like Communism, Fascism, Liberalism, Capitalism and all the other baggage created by Crooked political and religious cronies. I will just elaborate this with one example. There was a guy called Mr. Ashwin Mahesh who contested in Bangalore assembly elections, who was very educated with a proven professional track record. But people in Karnataka favoured Mr. Siddaramaiah and others because of  above mentioned views. Now the citizens are wailing because of corruption and inaction of this cabinet. Why are you not giving votes to an educated person? Why are you so much worried about your caste and religion?
Creating self sustainable communities are the need because of the diversities of our country. The country  upgrades automatically, if the society is self sustainable. Politicians has entered the social media space also and started corrupting the mind of youths. BJP, Congress, Communist or any other parties can't sort out our issues. We are the solution and only we can transform these people. Politicians never build a nation, but people moulded it. Our social media protests should convert to creative protests. Media is only propaganda master. India has already shown sparks of self sustainable communities in the form of good Samaritans going rural with their concepts.
Self sustainable societies will create fear in the mind of corrupt politicians. People staying in these type of societies wont be needing the support of Government bodies for their necessities. None of the politicians or parties will help to create a stabilised environment. They will always destabilise the system and people with issues of least significance. The danger of social media is that it is becoming a platform  for  political propaganda and because of its reach this can create havoc and confusion. Many incidents recently are the examples of creating riots in the most simplest way. If youth start using social media platforms for all corruption and injustice, it will send chill in the spines of administrative bodies.
No politicians are honest and don't even think that they will do something without any personal agenda. They twisted democracy like an  inheritance for their personal goals, and definitely not for nation building. De-monetization has been the talk of the town. We have seen trolls supporting and objecting the policy. Our opinion should nt be based on reports and news in media or social networking platforms. A person who is a party worker is only a medium for expressing the views of his ideologies. We have to understand the effect of  De-monetization in our  life and react. The policy introduction is to bring black money out of the system. But it's not that easy with their own MPs sitting on a heap of corruption charges and brought definite inconvenience to average person because of its ill planning. But this can  bring equilibrium to our Gold Vs Cash reserve. Medias played their part upholding the views of ideologies they follow. But the contradictions to these crusades for corruption are
1) Why Politicians are not allowing Parties to come under RTI ambit?
2) Why CAG audits are not allowed for loss making Government institutions?
3) Why fuel prices are on a high?
4) Why Government is not introducing strict rules for tackling corruptions?
5) How to make corporate companies accountable for their dubious transactions?
I know that the answer for these questions will be like " We need time to implement the same". If you really want to tackle corruption and black money, these administrative and judicial corrections can be done in a short period. Moreover the current Government is sitting on a Super Majority. It's a complete waste of time to compare the earlier Government deeds, because people have elected the new Government expecting something different. Our main issue is not collecting the tax but spending the same for country. We have to control our representatives, but they are controlling us. Indian youth is capable of much more than this and in the upcoming years We will have to fight for our opinions, which are not biased with religion,region and ideologies. Try to upgrade/fulfil a community or need in a creative way and definitely not for selfies!!!!The changes will follow!!!
With Confidence,














Monday, 5 September 2016


I was down and out. Depression and  work took a heavy toll on my physical and mental conditions. Deadlines were not met and hindrance in tasks added on to the misery. I started wading through motivational quotes with out much upshot. Conversations with my Mom over phone was the only solace. What should I do? I have to stay strong. Otherwise it will affect the morale of my team. I used to park my car behind a shopping mall and walk to my office. The mall was always crowded and buzzed with activities. One day I have seen a woman in her sixties, but not skinny begging in front of the mall. She was not like other spongers. She wore a beautiful smile which was innocent and positive. Her wrinkles were evident, but failed to demean the beautiful smile. The sari worn by her was torn in places. She was holding a stick for support along with a satchel damaged beyond recognition. The Satchel was kept tight to her body as if, some important artifacts were present inside.

She came infront of me and gave that  delightful smile. But I was least bothered, since my mind was hovering with thoughts of impending issues. It continued for almost  a week and she has consistently given me the same smile in the same fashion. I have finally given her some amount.

I have asked her out of curiosity " Why are you begging here? Where are your children? ". She said " I am from a remote village in Karnataka.I was a house wife and possessed a good stretch of agricultural land. My husband passed away when my son was 15. I looked after my son from the agricultural income. I lived for him." I became inquisitive now and asked " Where is your son now?". She said " He is married and I pray for a happy family life for him".

The incident narrated was like this. She took care of her son from the income generated out of their agricultural land. She relinquished her youth, energy and comfort for her son. He was good in studies and put down roots at Mangalore. One day he went to his home town and convinced her for a trip to Bangalore. She was very excited and happy because her son was taking her to a city which she hasn't explored. She never gone out of her village. They have reached Bangalore early morning by bus and alighted in Majestic bus stand. He told her to stay in the bus platform, so that he can go and get a taxi for the ride. She agreed. Hours gone by and the  son who has gone to get the taxi never came back. She was tensed with the thought that something terrible happened to him. His phone was switched off. She ran outside the bus stand in shock and tension, searching for him. She decided to stay in Bangalore to search for him and vouched not to return home town till she finds him. She later understood that she was dumped by her son, since he felt her as a liability and an obstacle to the earlier possession of ancestral property. She was devastated and was in a state of shock for some days. She was admitted in a hospital because of starvation and high blood pressure by some good Samaritans. Once out of the hospital she started begging for a living and started staying in a dilapidated room near to a petrol bunk. I was shocked and asked her " Why can't you go back to your home town?" She told me that she is happy with the life here and there is no point in going back since her most valuable possession, her son, shunted her out of his heart. "Whom should I live for" ? This question has gone deep in to my mind. If you don't have some one to live for, there is no point in doing all these. But I salute her for that unwavering smile irrespective of the plight.

It was a time for self realization for me. Why the hell am I demotivated? I am surrounded by my ever loving parents and family, who never left me at the time of misery. This lady wears a smile after all the mishaps in her life and kept her life simple. What will happen if some of the deadlines are not met? Let's try for it again with a smile. Our loved ones are with us. Our kid's or wife's smile can be a huge motivator. Many of the people stay and fight their life away from their home town with some goals in mind. So there is no point in getting demotivated. Motivation is a mindset and not a situation. When your parents/ wife/ kids stand with you,that will be the biggest motivating factor. Forget all the motivational speeches and stories about attitude and confidence. Your family and loved ones are your attitude,confidence and success. But still the big question haunts me " How is she  smiling so innocently, after deeply dented by her son?" The main one being  " How is she motivated?" She may be motivated in her troubled life, because of her Son's smile. But his act was very cruel for whatever reasons. But this mother don't want to go back to him now.

Any ways, she is still smiling every day and I am amazingly motivated!!!!!

Ever Motivated

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Rebellion of a 'Park Bench"

My creators were two legged, highly intelligent, but complicated species called human beings. I was born on a  hot day with so much water spilled over my body continuously for almost a week. The water was a relief to my body, which was scorching with high temperature. I was not able to move or speak but my listening skill was exceptional, which developed over a period of time. My legs were fixed on a green patch called 'PARK' with a lake in the vanguard. "How this lake can be peaceful irrespective of its size?" I was perplexed. But I have observed that the lake was loosing his charm with its size reduced to half  in some time, from the date of my birth. The chirping birds and the rain which used to come every year became a dream for me. I like to get soaked in rain rather than dust. I like to listen the music of birds, rather than the shrill sound of lifeless smoke emitting creatures called 'Auto mobiles'. But nothing has happened, apart from soaring temperature, which burned my body accelerating me to dotage.

I hearkened to numerous human conversations and activities. The incidents never enlightened, but confused me to a greater extent. A couple used to sit on me and conversed about some emotion called 'love' for a longer time. The boy used to come in a creature called 'bike', but he was very energetic. The girl came early, every evening before his arrival. I was very happy with these people seeing their love and passion towards each other. They were planning to do something called 'marriage', which is treated divine by the humans. Their little fights, romance and attachment towards each other was the highlights. But after a while, the girl used to come alone and it continued as a routine. There was no sign of the boy. Her eyes were wet and it overflowed to my body,  but lesser than the quantity of  rain water. The stomach of the girl was bigger in size leading to an asymmetrical body shape. She used to look at the empty space next to her and stroke the stomach. It continued for 3 months, but she never spoke. I never met her after that.  A year later the same boy came with a different girl and started speaking in the same way as earlier. They came every day morning with my confusion bulged out. "Whether the change in stomach changed the appearance of the girl?".  " Why the boy is coming with a different girl?" "What happened to the first girl?"  "How the boy can strike the same conversation with the new one also?" I wanted to question him, but in vein.

My body was tickled with the compassionate touch of  shrubs grown out of the weak spots in my legs. They swayed in the air gently, creating continuous vibrations in my body, like a baby playing in the lap of his mother. Birds used to discharge some white substance on my body, which has created scars all over the body. I loved kids and their activities. They played on me and their smile was the most beautiful thing I ever witnessed from the day of my existence.

Hey, I forgot to tell about my custodian. He guards the park and other benches including me. He was skinny, always in the effect of a liquid, called 'alcohol' packed in bewitching bottles. These bottles were always kept on me and the smell of that liquid was intolerable. But this person was very happy to guzzle this on a consistent basis. He drowsed on me with out any sense of the world and biting mosquitoes. I have suffered his stench and weight all through the night.

Meanwhile the lake and  greenery in front of me started transforming in to a piece of sand pile. This was mainly because of a group of people, who were digging out sand from the lake every night. The cold breeze from lake has changed in to hot wind, even in the night, piercing my body and destroyed the vegetation nearby. I haven't seen the chirping birds, apart from that black ugly birds called 'crows' with their reverberating sound. I waited impatiently for some one to cease the destruction of my friend. One day a gentleman wearing white colour dress arrived along with 10-12 human beings. His proposals and objectives for saving my friend were superlative. They camped in front of the lake and they displayed posters and banners equipped with an instrument called 'loudspeaker',  which allowed me to listen to his speech. I was very happy with the thought that this person was acting as per my thoughts. While he was delivering the speech, people used to discuss about the boon of the initiative sitting on me. One day a group of people in unique dress called 'police' came in an old auto mobile. They smacked these people with their cane, destroyed their camp and thrown their posters in the river. They took this good person in their auto mobile, which produced a shrill crow-like sound. I was  dejected. But the very next day, he came back and restarted his activities. But he disappeared after 4-5 days and a big auto mobile started depositing more soil on the body of  lake, who was drawing his last breath.

A very huge structure called 'Apartment' replaced the beautiful river after some time, with so many vehicles going inside the same on a daily basis. I was again confused with the following questions. "Where is that good person?" "What is this apartment doing on the body of lake?". The number of visitors in the park exponentially increased because of that monster apartment. My body was restless hosting the overflowing crowd .One day, I have seen that good person coming out of the apartment for my surprise. He was wearing the same dress, which he used to wear earlier, during his verbal jugglery. I used to see him on a daily basis going inside and coming outside the apartment in his car during morning and evening. My mind has gone to a fit of rage because, he is staying in the apartment which is on the body of the lake, which he was fighting for. "What the hell is this?"

An evening this person came to the park in the company of his kid. He sat on me along with his kid. He told the boy that there was a lake here and human beings have ruined the same. I fumed with anger. "How can this person be such a fabricator?". "Why he has not continued with his initiative?". "What happened to his ideas?". "Why he is staying in that apartment?". This time I wanted to question him at any cost. I tried moving my legs with all my might. I started shaking. The man and the kid jumped out of me and called my caretaker. He yelled at the watchman saying that "This cement bench is weak and its shaking", "why are you not asking your concerned to replace this idiotic bench?". "If any body get hurt, I will sue you". What mistake I have done? I wanted to question this fraudster and he is saying that I am weak. I am not weak, he is weak. He couldn't even stood by his words for reason best known to him. I should have questioned all those human beings, who confused me. This cogitation has pushed me to move my leg again. I lost my balance and fallen down. I was unconscious for a while. When I opened my eyes, the leaves of the plants were patting my back, as if they were acknowledging my effort. I was able to see the things on my back side for the first time, since I have fallen downwards facing the back now. The entire park was dilapidated with battered trees and dried out shrubs. I was distressed. Many of the Park benches were old and handicapped. They were looking at me sympathetically. I have been tagged fragile and lost my balance, as soon as I raised my voice.

A dozen of human beings arrived after some time, with a hard tool called 'hammer' and started pounding my body. I was inflicted with highest degree of pain and my body started crumbling. They have broken my leg and each body part in to smaller pieces. Oh God!!! Darkness rushing to my eyes. My watchman was sitting on a separated body piece of mine and drinking 'alcohol' along with those guys. I can't see the kids and  lake again. How will I tell human beings about that boy who comes with different girls? How will I console that girl? How will I tell about that person who killed my friend for 'apartment' ? How will I ever see the smile of kids? I tried moving again. I can hear those human beings saying "This bench is weak, See this is still shaking. Somebody should have punctured their back sitting on this stinking bench". But I am happy, because I made an effort, but these people are inactive and waiting for their slow death. If I get a life line, I will ask questions again. The demolished pieces of  Park bench is dumped, back side of the apartment. The apartment stood tall with his head high and the park seems like a useless place in front of his might. The Park benches around us may not be weak, but trying to tell us something. But we don't have any evidence, So let's don't bother. After all its only a filthy stinking 'Park bench' supposed to be silent, lost his existence for speaking up. What was the need of a rebellion??? We are happy with what we have.

With Insurrection

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Indian Women Vs Religious Entities in India

Indian religious outfits and media, along with believers are on a roll aided with heated arguments from past few weeks about the sanctity for allowing entry of women in to the prestigious Sabarimala temple based on court observations. We have been fed with media analysis and different religious verbal jugglery from last couple of weeks. I think we have to approach this matter with sense than emotion.Religion is such a volatile issue in India, which has actually benefited the political class to cling on to power, at the time of a value crisis. Religious misunderstandings can act as a catalyst to an educated youth, which can easily trigger a chain reaction in a negative way, even now in India.

I was also confused until my father has shown me this news which has come in a Malayalam news paper about Thiruvabharanam procession from Pandalam palace to Sabarimala.

The major highlights of the news were the following.
1) Some of the royal family members of Pandalam palace are impure because of the death of a royal family member.
2) The rituals are slightly changed because of the death of the royal family member.
3) There wont be any public display of Thiruvabharanam (Ornaments believed to be worn by Lord Ayyappa).
4) There will be a Pooja in the morning to deal with impurity.
5) There are some detailing about the timing of all the rituals performed.

The interesting aspect which has caught my attention was that even though the Thiruvabharanam tradition continues for a considerable amount of time with out any changes, the rituals changed now because of some unforeseen circumstances. So there are options  available for all type of  circumstances with the religious polymaths and clerics. All religions are doing these type of changes in rituals, at the time of unanticipated events. So the arguments suggesting the inability to change the existing traditions are not sensible.

Human beings created religions, to gratify the Gods of the respective community. Gods never created any religions. We have to remember the saying that "To err is human, but to forgive is divine". Human beings have created rituals and religious laws as per their understanding and intelligence, which is not endorsed error free. Great religious scholars always proclaimed that no body can meet 100% knowledge on any subject, since one lifetime is not enough for the same. The generations acquire their knowledge from their ancestors, so that they can do further studies on the subject and take it to next level. The understanding of the persons who gains knowledge from the predecessor is very important, since there can be misinterpretations and disability to apply the same. It purely depends on the receiver's intellectual level. So we are not in a place to prove anything, only because its been a custom from ancient ages, even if we have documentary proof. The interpretations can be wrong and impractical along with metamorphosis in thought process and way of living.

We are in a democratic set up with a set of political and legal experts formulated our constitution and its prerogative based on their knowledge, and citizens of India approved the same and followed since 1947. No body will argue that in a democratic set up, Judiciary has final decision making power. But there were many changes in constitutional and judicial laws over a periods of time. I will quote an example. All Indians stood united for changing juvenile laws recently after Nirbhaya incident, even though the constitution wont allow maximum penalty to a juvenile. The constitutional law for juvenile justice started to shape up back in 1850s. The law makers made the laws as per the character and deeds of juveniles at that point of time. The lawmakers of 1850 were not able to imagine a juvenile, committing a heinous crime as done in Nirbhaya case. So the thought process and social life was absolutely opposite. We realized recently that, there is a change required in the law with out which many innocents will suffer. Don't even think that, I am comparing a heinous crime with some sacred beliefs. I just want to illustrate that none of the traditions or laws are permanent. It has to be revised as per transmutation of times, so that it will be for the benefit of humanity.

All the religions has shown their arrogance and ego, when a person questioned authenticity of their doctrines. Giordano Bruno burned to death and Galileo Galilee confined to house arrest for questioning catholic doctrines in the ancient ages.Polygamy and veiling of faces of women as per Muslim doctrines along with illogical restrictions on women formulated in ancient times, need proper corrections as per the time. Moreover all these religions formulated their laws, protocols and traditions, in a male dominated era, which wont make any sense in the current epoch.

We are in a period, where so many political and citizen uprisings are happening to implement gender equality. Human beings assigned gender, caste and religion, not gods. The traditional contradictions lies predominantly in interpretation based on intelligence level of a person. The nationals, who developed Judiciary are fighting against the same, for some religious beliefs and religions which nobody has any proof to show, apart from lame justifications. The irony is that the same people are fighting for women equality also. We have imposed the need of evidences in a Judicial system, to prove an argument in a court. People get agitated, when the same court asked for any documentary proof for banning women inside the Shrine. Whether we have any decision-making problems?

All the religions has to accept the fact that, there is a change in contemplation and way of living and religious believers should stop being stooges of political outfits and misinterpreted religious scholars. Many people defended the ban of women in Sabarimala Shrine saying that Lord Ayyappa is a celibate, but there are women who are celibate. Take the example of any religion, the brides of Gods are always the celibate women. So its not Lord Ayyappa, but our sagacity should replace emotions before jumping the guns as instructed by our religious leaders.

Almighty created human beings as one and not based on colour and gender. We have to actually serve the purpose. Religious places are for people to worship and pray their religious beliefs. God has given us brain and intelligence. You also think before proclaiming things. Moreover, Indians have a history of abolishing the unwanted for betterment of mankind. The day we think sense will be our real day of intellectual independence.

If you support woman equality, allow them in all types of religious places irrespective of religion. Even the nature is Mother nature, which we inhabit. If Motherhood is divine, the why not women?

I love my mother and the same with God also. So lets accept changes and don't overreact. All religions has to change their traditions and customs as per time cycle, otherwise these beliefs will bite the dust. There are no religions above the happiness, peace and harmony of our society. The actual success of a religion lies in imparting their believers with divine qualities like forgiveness and a kind hear, with a place to pray with out gender discriminations

With Prayer

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