The night was alluring and the moon was looking like a vermilion spot in the forehead of a girl. "Can we go for a ride?" He asked. She never felt the tone was brash. "Let's go for it, who knows it may be our final tryst", he added. The battle between her brain and the mind kicked off. He was a handsome and well-built person with a fair complexion. She was a medical staff and he was a doctor in the same hospital. He was a divorcee and an absolutely refined man with a pure soul. Her brain said, "Love can be blind, but it cant be transpired in unexpected forms creating a whirlpool of emotions. It can be pseudo-love". She believed that these types of emotions are a type of pseudo-love. It will create an illusion that there is love in an interaction, but there isn't.

She tied the knot at a younger age and living happily with her husband and daughter. Her husband is very understanding and encouraging. A life without him is unimaginable for her. She is working to bring the necessary financial stability to the family. She never had any restrictions from her husband. There was no dearth of love or freedom. But she was unable to understand herself and her mind was not listening to her brain. The doctor was cordial and affectionate towards her. She hearkened that endearment comes in different forms. But it is believed that the feel happens once you are deprived of something. She was ceaselessly in a trance inside the hospital. His love created waves in her mind.

The grin of her daughter pushed her to rethink. But he was persistent. Many of the love stories end up, once physical intimacy is experienced. "Whether mental stimulation is possible with multiple people?", her mind asked.  But she knew that his presence and tete-a-tete brought unexplainable happiness to her. It was heavenly. His face regularly glowed like a sun in her presence. The mind asked her brain " Am I breaching morality here? Whether it poses questions on my loyalty?". The brain replied, " All these types of emotions are cooked up by you. It will lead to disaster. Your family will be in the doldrums". She told him "I am not coming. You can go and we have to refrain from talking and meeting as well". She felt that her answer was rude. But her brain contended. Brain told mind to mind its own business. She played with her daughter and spoken a lot with her husband that evening. His smiling face slowly faded away from her brain. The brain has convinced her that she is at peace finally.

The next day, she went to the hospital with a determined mind. She felt like a recharged boxer, who is ready for the combat. She stared at his cabin while walking towards her workstation. The cabin was empty. She was startled but kept her calm. The news about his accident and demise stuck her ears like a thunderbolt. He met with an accident while riding the bike last night, the same ride she was called for. He died instantly because of the impact. She was devastated and tears rolled down from her eyes. Her mind was a mixed bag. "Probably your presence should have avoided his death. God summoned you to stop his death, but not taken", mind told her. Her mind thronged with sadness and emotions gushed out like a waterfall. 

Morality is a contradictory terminology to define. It depends on a person's perspective and can't be disentangled through the opinion of majority. In the battle of perspectives, many are misconstrued and circumstances are ignored. She felt that her morality was weighed as per the boundaries of society. His love insisted conversation and confabulations. He was not agitated about her marital status. He was never a threat and the love was unconditional. But her self condemnation was created by the fallacious perspective of morality. The opposing side vouched that she was equitable. She never compromised her loyalty. But the loyalty was never in trouble anyways. Loyalty is also a bemused term like Morality. It is also governed by situations and scenarios. If you think in a conventional standpoint the loyalty was never in the question for speaking with him.

She mustered courage to go to the hospital next day. She convinced her mind that this is a period of life which has to be accepted. The hospital resembled a monster primed to devour her on that day. The delightful morning weather suddenly stood like a carnivorous plant waiting to catch the prey. Guilt feeling ate up her mind and it started rusting her thoughts. But his empty cabin created mental havoc in her mind. She was not able to define this. There was an emptiness. Her mind commenced a war with morality.  What type of feeling is pushing me to think about Morality? Is it love? If it's love, Whether I am on fault? If I should have gone with him, I should have saved his life, But I should have put my family in despair. Is it a moral compromise to love someone while you have social liabilities? . Questions and thoughts popped up on her mind.

She confessed everything to her husband. He consoled her saying that time will mend the sore. Her husband may be exuberant because she hasn't gone out with him. Society may be happy even though it costed a life. Who lost here? His family? Her love? But one thing is true. Time heals everything because that's life. We learn some lessons from experiences and our minds become strong. That's the metamorphosis. Love can happen anytime anywhere. It crop up without any contemplation. But moral values play a significant role than morality. An action without assessing the situation can bring chaos to your social life. But there is no assurance for self-happiness. 

Its almost an year now. Her mornings are awesome and the hospital is a place to safeguard lives. His cabin is occupied now. The new doctor is busy attending the patients. She doesn't have any remorse now. She valued her husband and daughter above her love. She believes that God saved her life that day by making her say no to him. She has to rescue many lives through hospital....Morality??? It's still draining her brain and mind.  But the smile on her daughter's face is more valuable than that confusion. And I forgot to tell one more thing, her daughter still kisses her forehead on a daily basis and she receives it with utmost confidence, every single time!!!!! 

With Morality,

Leemon Ravi


  1. Superb Article Leemon Ravi Sir!!!!
    Keep writing...keep inspiring...

  2. Excellent.. !!!
    Reading it i remember, Robert Lind's psychological essay " Forgetfulness ".
    That is about "Forgetfulness " and this is about " Morality".
    Excellent!!!. A standard article !!!
    You also read Dr. Christian Bernad's essay about his mental conflicts when he was going to the operation theatre to do his first heart transplant operation.

    1. Thank you so much for the insights.. I will definitely go through it..

  3. Your writing inspires me and its beautiful. Keep writing & spread more love <3


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