Interview- A short-duration exercise to find out the essence of a person to fit into a business requirement. But still a 50:50 success probability. I have discerned the growth and decline of multitudinous teams over a stretch of time. That day was also not distinct. The HR department arranged few final rounds on that day also.

I saw an aged person in his fifties sitting on the sofa, wearing a blazer on a worn-out formal sark. The trousers were neatly pressed and the shoes were frayed but tidy. I saw countless candidates with disparate mindsets while waiting for the interview. Someone is pensive, while someone will show uneasiness because of the pressure out of the interviews. Impatient candidates check their watches frequently. But this person was sitting with serene peace and tranquility on his face. He was stock-still and his shank was unmoving. Body language plays a significant part in an interview. It manifests your state of mind. A confident person will always sit in an ankle lock position and on the contrary, a timid person evinces nervous energy, in the form of distraction and movements. 

I scrutinized his resume. It apprises that he had a wide experience in different domains over an expansive period of time. I was flabbergasted that despite vast experience, he was toiling to get a job in the market. The HR executive came to my cabin with a grim smile. She told me that age of this person will be an issue in the long run despite his confident performance in preliminary rounds. She added that he suffers from paralysis on the left side of his body. It was a weird description in the first place. I observed him through the CCTV feed for a while. He was seated with positive intent and a captivating smile on his face. I was curious to explore more.

 I selected him for the final round in spite of all the negative remarks by the HR Executive earlier. He came limbing to my cabin like a wounded soldier strolling after a triumph. I noticed that his teeth were shattered and only 2 teeth were evident on the front side. I asked him to delineate his story. He was working and raked in during his younger age. He was happily married with a daughter. One day, while he was working lightning struck in the form of a stroke. He was paralyzed for a period of 2 years. He was able to feel everything but was unable to convey anything during this horrendous period. His better half abandoned him during this time for better prospects along with his daughter. The face was squeezed and his entire body mutated into a skeleton.

 His friends were unable to recognize him. He got the mobility after 2 years. He never lost his hope and started exploring for a job. He did various low-level assignments for a stretch of 5 years. He further learned that his spouse tied the knot with someone else. He began staying in a compact room on the terrace of a building. I asked him " Why do you want to work at this age? Is it for money or growth? ". "I want to prove to myself that I am not a failure, ", he told instantly.

He needs a platform to harness his contacts for something productive. But his age was the hurdle. It was perilous to employ an unhealthy resource. No personality can be meld with a disability. We already had numerous prospective youngsters applied for the job. They were energetic and oozing with self-confidence. The major highlight was the fighting spirit of this person. It was so encouraging to see someone, who lost every bit of his life mentally and physically, still standing with a paralyzed leg and a squeezed face. The only thing visible in that distorted face was "hope". Nothing was alluring about him apart from the smile... Sorry, I forgot... His blazer. I had only one thing in my hand. Give him an opportunity. I don't know, whether he may perform or not? I don't know, whether he flee because of work pressure? I don't know, whether I will lose my precious man-hours? I don't know, whether he will push my company to the rim? I don't know, whether he is lying?

 But I know this. A job is not only about selecting a perfect person based on his analytical and intellectual skills, but also about giving an opportunity to an indefatigable person. He may be the one, He may not be the one. But who knows, he can fight alongside my team for pushing the vision of the group. I may become a laughing stock in front of the team. But I will be satisfied because " I gave the opportunity to someone against all the odds. I gave him a chance for redemption in his life". Redemption, it's very important. Do with a smile. Pain and setback are routine. Redemption demands mental toughness. Maybe the world will also watch you with a smile. This interview created his path to redemption. And I was not worried about the future this time!! Because I was rediscovering myself through him!!

With Hope,



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