“ Okay Fine” the tattooed letter mixed with ink and blood emulated a new value and cause in her life. The pain of tattoo needles was minuscule, because her soul was pricked on regular intervals. They were in relationship for almost 2 years. She was sober and edgy about relationships. But he came like a rain fall in her life, which was a forlorn desert  and the emotional temperature was on a sore high. The tattoo artist was perplexed with her choice of content and he has apprehensions about the length. But she was adamant and emotionless about her choice.

He was exuberant and she was expressive. Her thoughts and perspective about love was comprehensively redefined by him. She wondered about their love and often perplexed while running her fingers on his hair. They conveyed their love through their eyes, stare and actions and the world stood stand still whenever they met. After the demise of father in her early age, his love brought back the paternal care.

Friend ship in a city augments based on mutual benefits. She understood this in a short span of time. She was like a paper boat wafting as per the current of  river. Though she was strong and cant be wrecked, dryness engulfed everywhere. The days flied by and their love grew stronger. His bullet unraveled different destinations with her. He was the perfect foil for her.  She never envisaged that he will dominate her thoughts for the rest of the life.

The lorry which toppled his car took away his life in a whisker. Her phone calls were not answered. She frantically searched for her love. She was ditched by many lustful minds earlier. The fear of loosing the love catapulted her mind like a termite. The information about his death by a friend turned her world upside down. The memories with him flashed and disappeared. She has pushed to a black hole of sorrow. The black hole has not countenanced any ray of hope inside . She created a virtual world where they have shared their feelings.  Her love overflowed with him in that imaginary sphere. But senses brought her back to a real world engrossed with darkness. Intense darkness submerged her small world of joy.

She ascertained an important thing. The things which she felt like his awful qualities has become an emotional liability now. She really craved for that possessiveness of him. She always fought for her personal space, but the same personal space fettered her like a black hole. Her individuality was not complete with out his imperfections. The biggest achievement in her life was their togetherness. Philosophies of moving on was futile. But she has to move on. Their fights, ego clashes, opinion differences, absence of personal space and all was a part of their bond. His absence is not breaking the bond now. It has strengthened with out him. She has seen his last text to her. It was written as " Okay Fine". Now she inked his last words in her body to remember that, its ok, fine, move on!! But her memory is still bewitched by him. She don't know whether a different person will possess it or not. But one thing is sure.  He is inked with her body and soul now. So its " Okay Fine". She will stand and combat with her possessed mind and inked body, for their successful love.

With Love
Leemon Ravi


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