The cold was the bane of that country. The people of that country used to catch a cold once they encounter anything strenuous in their life. It was baffling. But it was the verity in that country. People survive only if they are delighted. The intensity of the cold was measured based on the severity of the problem. He was moving swiftly. He realized that cold is a condition of the heart which creates a numbness to do something. Everyone is suffering from a cold. The countrymen are affected with cold as soon as they are mentally depressed. The cold recedes once the depression is over. The challenge is to find out the reason for depression without which it cant be cured. 

He discovered that the majority of people are suffering from cold and many are even converted to viral fever as well. The strange thing was the periodicity of cold. He was curious to find out the cause of his cold. He called his beloved and asked," Where are you? ". " I am out with my friends and occupied". She replied. " When was the last time I squabbled with you?", he asked again. She replied, " We never fought for so many months, you were cordial with me". He recalled that he never gave a damn about her emotions nowadays. So there were no skirmishes. She was suffering from an intermittent cold. But the amazing fact was that her health recovered as soon as luxury items are purchased. They were zestful during the initial phase of their love life. They started getting intermittent cold as time passed. They ignored communication to elude fights. They encountered cold whenever they convened. Space widened, even though they were together. Luxury items and journeys controlled the cold, but it was never a remedy. But fluctuation of their cold in a single day was a jigsaw puzzle for him.

He confabbed with best friends also. They cackled and told him that if you are catching a cold without any reason confer with a psychiatrist. They invited him to enjoy his life with them for some time. He savored with them to the fullest. But still, the cold emerged as soon as everyone left. His contentment was short-lived. He noted that people who are suffering from a severe cold are still fighting on a daily basis. Their life is in a haste and makes a huge lot of money. Because of that many of them were ailed. He finally went to his mother. The surprise factor was that his mere presence turned her health into normal. She was wholly fit but physically ailed. His mother was trembling with heavy fever and cold. He noticed her for the first time. She was very young and energetic with ballistic energy during her childhood. But she is weak now like a dwindling flower deprived of its youth. He thought that she is also feverish like the other countrymen. But he has seen a sudden surge of energy and youthfulness in her as soon as he touched her body. She smiled with utmost sweetness and love. He felt a sudden dip in his cold and felt the tranquility of mind. He never had that inner feeling, which was like an empty cage after unleashing the beast. He was perplexed but happy. The happiness of his mind always reaches the peak point while seeing his dear ones, especially his mother. 

Cold is only a physical condition but a mind affected with a cold is more dangerous. Because the mind has the power to raise or ravage you. You may not even understand this rusting of mind till you deviate from your actual flow. If you see in a literal sense, people are influenced by different types of cold, which has a direct impact on their mind and control the events.People execute different things and undergo numerous programs to heal a mental cold. But the ultimate peace or treatment lies within. It can be given only by your well-wishers. We incur cold assuming that our dear ones will be deprived of it. But the event has a nagging effect on them and their cold can go to an elevated level. The richer segment of society had a biased level of cold and the same as in the case of materialistic lovers. What's the solution? Is this a mental condition? Whether the country and it's people are in danger? No, It's the only way to feel life. But, Yes recovery is important. 

He was still confused.  " What's the solution?", He asked his mother. " Don't worry about the cold, concentrate on your happiness", She replied. " Why are you not healthy? Why are you not concentrating on your happiness? ", He asked. " You are my happiness" She told with a smile. The answer he was exploring lied with in the problem. Being happy is a state of mind with the right people. The cold was inevitable without which the value of happiness is unknown. But the major problem is the way of handling the cold. It will be a toll on your willpower and character. But your happiness is an antidote for your special one's infected with cold. During childhood, he was happy because he was doing things without any restrictions. 

He sat and figured out the things he loves. He pursued the things he loves once more. Suddenly the country appeared contrasting. The country which was a dreadful and ironic setup changed into a positive and vibrant place. Mind and body oscillated with energy. His mother never fell ill because of the cold after that. His presence has reduced the intensity of cold for his friends. Even though his girlfriend found vibes with him. Though her cold was fluctuating but controllable. The country is still affected by the cold, but many happy minds are still fighting it out... Yes, We are recuperating.... We are almost there....Walk the journey with your head high, because your heart is still beating, definitely for a purpose and that's " YOU."

With Hope,


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