Time for Saffronisation or Self Realisation???

Indian Citizens - A confused set of people because of umpteen rules and resolutions devised for the mutual benefit of administrators and politicians. Political parties and their perpetrators twisted and squeezed the crowd as per their whims and fancies. If you have thought that the ill effects of rationalized regional or religion biased are fading away, it’s wrong. Virtual Social media spaces and online forums are corrupting the brain of youth with useless religious perceptions. The propaganda is similar. Create vote bank and followers in the most brutal way.

Political parties who claim to be the messiah of various religions are dividing the minds and most importantly diverting the minds from primal issues. Situation of the country has not improved but rather declined on an alarming rate after a series of debacle in economic and administrative fronts. It's very clear that tax collection is never an issue in India, but tax allocation is. Privatization at the cost of destroyed public establishments can harm the transparency. People often argue that privatization can bring changes to the ailing public establishments. But the cost and transparency can go north and the same will be a burden for the tax payer. Religion is unable to feed a person but a powerful economy can. Government is concentrating in social media verbal jugglery and propaganda politics and not development. Aiding various Hindu outfits for saffronisation will be a nemesis, since it’s a distraction to blind fold sick economic policies.

It's understood that PR agencies are doing a smashing job in creating a positive virtual impact to the youth.  We have a doomed manufacturing and agricultural segments. We think that digitization is a revolution for economic empowerment, but it's not. GST has triggered confusions instead of creating an impetus in the business segments. Social media platforms act as a medium to inject unnecessary religious propaganda. Government has ample time to lay optic fiber across the length and width of the country, but failed to make earmarking of fertile land banks for agriculture. India is blessed with an array of biased and corrupt media houses.

There was a time where a print media alone used to rip apart Government bodies in case of a defective policy. Nowadays these umpteen channels don’t have the caliber to expose the push for saffronisation to diverge the thoughts of Indian youth. No one is trying to downplay ones belief. But you can't create an environment to make a normal person think that something is happening to his religious belief. Hinduism is an ideology and it can't cover your imperfections. The competition in recruiting people for different religious outfits is not our answer for development. But we need our youth to analyze and act, not definitely brain washed. The time has come for self-realization. Since the politicians and the earlier Governments use our tax money for any policy related allocations, they have to be held accountable for the crashed policies. We can’t sit and think that “All is Well”, when we are already on well.

The day our youth start questioning the result of Government implementations like GST, De- Monetization, Digital India, Smart cities, formation of NITI Aayog ETC more than saffronisation, conversion and religious spur, the administrators will do something creative. Otherwise they will feed us with only ideas and not results. The most funniest question is “What the earlier government has done to prosper the country?”. Citizens of India voted them out because of the same reason and we entrusted the job to a new Government. If you don’t know to fix it, don’t give false hopes to the youth in the pretext of religion. The economic and religious mess created by this Government will be ever remembered over a period, if they won’t put their thought process in the right direction. Self realization should be our key and definitely not saffronisation.



  1. Very mature view....all that we want is some common sense as commoner to be on right paths in life...thpugh its not as easy it says...thats where the challenges lies. Keep up such good articles Lee


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