The road was desolated, like his mind,
The crowded esplanade he strolled, turned empty in a whisker,
Body is robust, but not the will,
Thick layers of fog covered the beautiful boulder stone,
Mist is magnificent for eyes, but he can’t spot the horizon.
Abandonment is like fog, which spreads up and engulfs the absolute view,
Cover the vertical extent and panorama,
But the body and mind relish, while fog brushes you,
Deserted from love or people can be loneliness,
An empty mind can be loneliness,
A mind which is confused, who knows??
He wants to be like a tree, because it stands in the same place,
It can’t loco mote, because it’s deep rooted to the position,
Sever is the only way to separate, but then it’s dead,
He can brave cold, wind and fire,
A tornado only can uproot him, but he won’t be lonely.
The dewdrops tickled his legs, like they crave his company,
The fog and the rain attempted to impart emotions on him,
Emptiness filled, like darkness eating up the secrets of a forest,
But he knows, he has to be emotionless in this world,
It’s a place to succeed, not to flunk.
He rapidly filled up his mind, with thoughts of success,
The fog disappeared, the rain stopped,
The horizon is conspicuous, esplanade is filled with people,
He got many to love, they murmured in his ears,
“Let’s move on “
His vision is clear now, but misses this exquisite feeling called “Loneliness”,
Because it evokes him that he has a heart too!!!!!!!!!!!