True love always baffled her. It's strenuous to be true in this world, so the locution was confusing. She wanted to be independent and distinctive firing all cylinders. She asked him, whether it's true love?? He grinned, clutched her and told “Yes babe, the world is covetous about our bonding”. She remembered this every time he abused and poked her. He expressed and portrayed his true love on her body with cigarette. She endured it with a smile. Being Truthful may be agonizing, so better earn this, she consoled herself. She adored her beauty and soul more than anything else. She spliced her dilapidated heart every time, he smashed it.
“Life can be grueling, but hold on to your will”, once her dad told. She nurtured and developed a formidable will power for the world. But the weeping mind knew that this will power was only for the society. Mind strived to come out through her face, but she supervised it victoriously every time.

The world has transformed and evolved in to rational rather than truthful and soulful. People developed pragmatic and naïve approach in relationships. Emotions dissipated slowly, but steadily. Majority of relationships prospered on mutual benefits rather than thought sharing. Utility started influencing the life of a relationship. But she was confident about the power of her emotions and true soul.
His exhibition of true love and true colors to other girls left her vulnerable. “Whether this heart break is the pain of a true love? Presumably it’s a one sided true love.” She consoled. The sundown became colorless; smile became a liability. He snubbed her marriage offer. He wanted to explore her more. But she was ready and thought that she found the true love of her life. Marriage may not be a part of true love.

She left him, leaving an irreversible dent in the mind. Her stint with continuous taste of liquor and smoke of Cigarettes was a complete failure. It just blocked the senses. As soon as she became sensible, the pain became agonizingly high.  She comprehended that there is nothing called mind wash, its only get used up to mind bashing and get along with it.
The drive along with him was sublime. She found him unanticipated and he showered on her like a light and soothing drizzle.  She lowered the car window. The cold breeze mixed with tint of rain pampered her hair pushing her to a joyful feeling never before. Darkness was staring at her like an ocean of uncertainty. He stared at her. She looked like an oil painting with her lovely hair fluttering in the breeze. Lightning revealed her ravishing face on a number of occasions. Her captivating smile and magnetic eyes bewitched him and the alluring night. Their emotions were strong like the bond of a sea tide and shell. Tide pull and carry the shell inside, but again place it back after filling the shell with emotions. People can always spot the shell away from the tide, but tide always comeback to take the shell inside.  But the irony is that, tide never ever can keep the shell for long. That’s the essence and beauty of that relation. Both of them came very close with their lips in touching distance. She closed her eyes to get the first true love kiss.

A sudden and full throated sound forced her to open the eyes. “Mom, Where is my tooth paste??”, Her adorable daughter asked  innocently. A sense of desolation came to her face. She loves her daughter very much. She is her support system. Is caring or loving someone unconditionally can be the symptom of true love?? Whether true love actually prevails? Probably true love can’t be projected in front of our practical society. She has married a practical person for that reason. She realized that true love gives the necessary support to come up in life out of miseries. The pain of the memories of true love may be driving her straight, with a positive intend. May be it was required for the family. Sometimes the emotions are going out of hand. She lived the moments of true love. But, yes, Life is good!!! True love exists, because she is alive!!!

"The course of true love never did run smooth"

- William Shakespeare

With True Love
Leemon Ravi


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    1. Stay strong and positive , but keep the true love alive

  2. How pathetic it is for him to be under lies always....can't God show mercy upon real true love...!!!


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