Romantic encounters

Your eyes blanket me from tears of the world,
Your lips blanket me from loneliness,
But your absence took away my blankets, exposed me to all miseries,
Loneliness bolster the feel but untold and uncanny.

She looked at me like a Cherub, clearing my murky and inclement mind,
Prospered, ushered, outwitted my senses,
Mist and dewdrops reminded her presence,
She came cladded in a whitish top with a black skirt and
a long, soft and flamboyant hair,
Her face blemished by the yellow rays of sun mixed with
mist, but clear with water, 
I stood spell bound  and perplexed like a new born baby
introduced to the world from womb, 
College, changed as a perfect place for romantic artistry.

I never seen colours but unimaginable satisfaction and happiness, though short lived
Her smile welted me like soft waves tickle the body,
Lectures and time  gone past in a jiffy, but mind entrapped her face,
She invaded my soul like a creeper barging in to a tree, tight but adorable,
But the feel was divine and eternal,
Your Charm, fluttering hair in gentle breeze, gestures, shielded me, the ruthlessness of time.
My encounter with poverty and hunger  transformed in to painful, but soothing romantic encounters,
Fate pierced my will, but I clung to my will only for her,
Your mere touch or presence transformed my hell to heaven.

You vanished from me like, mist in the dismay of sunlight, 
Temperature soared to new peaks, but not to the freezing best for mist to emerge,
Kept my mind frozen to see the mist, thereby You,
Mind is frozen, body is dilapidated with a dysfunctional brain, but your image is still clear.

Encounters kill the life, but romantic encounters squeeze and twist the soul,
But life should go on, So be tough, Memories instill strength and will,
Romantic encounters happen every day but success is mine,
Because her smile blankets my miseries,
She may be in the same state, but my smile blankets her miseries!!!! 

Your eyes blanket me from tears of the world. Your lips blanket me from loneliness.
But your absence took away my blankets, exposed me to all miseries,
Loneliness bolster the feel, but untold and uncanny,
But romantic encounters kept our memories and love ebullient!!!

Dedicated to college expurgated romances......



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