I started GOLDEN ERA ROYAL GROUP 4 years back with GOLDEN ERA PROPERTY PVT LTD as the flagship company in property segment with a group of enthusiasts who possessed crazy brain and naive approach. We have concentrated only on a steady growth curve rather than an exponential outburst.
A steady growth should go hand-in-glove with innovative thinking and apt execution abilities. The companies across the globe has evolved over a period of time; in strategy, branding, expansion and positioning. I belonged to a time where there was an absence of internet connectivity, mobile phones and branding tools. There were entrepreneurs, who pursued their dreams with passion, grit and ambition those days. Print and visual media played a vital part for the growth of past entrepreneurship ventures and there were a flurry of entrepreneurs those days. If you glance through any successful entrepreneurial ventures, effective business sharing was their growth key. People are the assets of a business and flow of money is only the natural outcome of the former process.
I want to highlight only the importance of business sharing with individuals which will act as a fillip to our entrepreneurial dreams.
I have mentioned about the past business trends to emulate the trends in business sharing for our current ventures. A business will attain a steady growth because of many factors, but business sharing being the X factor. Business sharing has been called in different names like Channel partners, business partners, shareholders, franchisees etc. A company, which gives a structural & strategical sharing will come on top ,but  time can be a constraint since trust is a component which will come to you based on individualistic and brand value credibility. In earlier ages, where global market was a far way dream, Promoters used to inculcate business sharing to known or referral individual or group of individuals only. An individual / group of individuals is absorbed in the system and he / they will be nurtured to perform as per the company vision and business processes. This was a much traditional approach of business sharing ,the only disadvantage being the time factor to arrive at the vision. This type of  traditional  approach was used by many of the leading business personalities and succeeded. Bravo to their persistence and passion!!!

In the modern era of business ideologies and ventures equipped with global connectivity  the thinking has to be modified." Diversification " is the new slogan of growth.

" Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow " once
Ralph Waldo Emerson said.

I have put this thought to my line of businesses for growth through diversification. Ralph Waldo was right, but the hitch was my limited knowledge of different segments for diversification. I didn't believe in talent acquisition and supporters based on a fixed remuneration which generates profit towards the company. We strongly stood for young talented minds infused in to our line of businesses. We decided to share the business profit with that young minds allowing them to grow as  entrepreneurs with our group ,enjoying the cushion of experienced people to hold them steady. This is an easy ideology to express but difficult to execute. I had this strategy rooted to my mind on 2011 and put the same to cold storage because of many professional challenges. I also thought that a period of 2-3 years is required for me to set up a platform for younger entrepreneurs to come in.

2013,a magical year for our group GERG where we had started diversifying in to software development, construction, financial, consumer durable & Entertainment. I decided that this is the time to implement the business sharing with young entrepreneurs and started searching for the right talent. The year has passed by with early revenues and completion of deadlines.
In 2014, I got a call from my college, LBS College of Engineering for an alumni and entrepreneurial interaction with Chief minister of Kerala. I was literally overwhelmed since this can relive my business sharing idea and gone to my college after 11 years with a nostalgic feeling. The interaction was amazing and I was surprised to see a lot of students aspiring to become entrepreneurs with unique and brilliant business acumen.

During a lunch hosted by my college after the function a group of 5 students approached me and my wife (She is also a director in all our ventures with a strong creative mind)and asked our advice for starting an E-commerce company. We have shared our experience in the same but not discussed anything about business sharing. Probably because I should have underestimated their knowledge in the segment!!! I came back to Bangalore and concentrated back to our line of businesses. These students again interacted with me after a couple of weeks with their thoughts in E commerce and then I realized their real potential and conveyed them my thoughts on business sharing.

I found a staunch supporter in my wife who backed me because of her confidence and belief in accommodating young talents with fresh minds and innovative ideas. We have started our Ecommerce venture developed by these talented minds with my wife donning the role of CEO on August 2014.As I discussed with you earlier, We have included them to this project as employers rather than employees ,thereby following "Diversification through Business sharing" ideology.

The Business sharing was very much fruitful and encouraging that they started executing the business plans as their own which triggered an instant growth. We had held many brain storming sections to grow the business to the next level and the same has started seeing positives. The main aspect of this type of sharing is ,backing their plans for which they will have confidence and can execute the same with vigor. These entrepreneurs are quite young with lots of time in their side to learn about the intricacies of business and processes. We make sure that these talents are nurtured under expert ideas and strong leadership.

There may be many successful entrepreneurs following this module and I am not treating my views as unique. But the same has been experienced by me and this strategy brought growth in to my ventures and this blog is a testimonial to the same. I have started introducing this to my other ventures also. So lets get more people along with us and not under us, for a constructive growth and powerful brand positioning.