Sunday, 23 May 2021



The night was alluring and the moon was looking like a vermilion spot in the forehead of a girl. "Can we go for a ride?" He asked. She never felt the tone was brash. "Let's go for it, who knows it may be our final tryst", he added. The battle between her brain and the mind kicked off. He was a handsome and well-built person with a fair complexion. She was a medical staff and he was a doctor in the same hospital. He was a divorcee and an absolutely refined man with a pure soul. Her brain said, "Love can be blind, but it cant be transpired in unexpected forms creating a whirlpool of emotions. It can be pseudo-love". She believed that these types of emotions are a type of pseudo-love. It will create an illusion that there is love in an interaction, but there isn't.

She tied the knot at a younger age and living happily with her husband and daughter. Her husband is very understanding and encouraging. A life without him is unimaginable for her. She is working to bring the necessary financial stability to the family. She never had any restrictions from her husband. There was no dearth of love or freedom. But she was unable to understand herself and her mind was not listening to her brain. The doctor was cordial and affectionate towards her. She hearkened that endearment comes in different forms. But it is believed that the feel happens once you are deprived of something. She was ceaselessly in a trance inside the hospital. His love created waves in her mind.

The grin of her daughter pushed her to rethink. But he was persistent. Many of the love stories end up, once physical intimacy is experienced. "Whether mental stimulation is possible with multiple people?", her mind asked.  But she knew that his presence and tete-a-tete brought unexplainable happiness to her. It was heavenly. His face regularly glowed like a sun in her presence. The mind asked her brain " Am I breaching morality here? Whether it poses questions on my loyalty?". The brain replied, " All these types of emotions are cooked up by you. It will lead to disaster. Your family will be in the doldrums". She told him "I am not coming. You can go and we have to refrain from talking and meeting as well". She felt that her answer was rude. But her brain contended. Brain told mind to mind its own business. She played with her daughter and spoken a lot with her husband that evening. His smiling face slowly faded away from her brain. The brain has convinced her that she is at peace finally.

The next day, she went to the hospital with a determined mind. She felt like a recharged boxer, who is ready for the combat. She stared at his cabin while walking towards her workstation. The cabin was empty. She was startled but kept her calm. The news about his accident and demise stuck her ears like a thunderbolt. He met with an accident while riding the bike last night, the same ride she was called for. He died instantly because of the impact. She was devastated and tears rolled down from her eyes. Her mind was a mixed bag. "Probably your presence should have avoided his death. God summoned you to stop his death, but not taken", mind told her. Her mind thronged with sadness and emotions gushed out like a waterfall. 

Morality is a contradictory terminology to define. It depends on a person's perspective and can't be disentangled through the opinion of majority. In the battle of perspectives, many are misconstrued and circumstances are ignored. She felt that her morality was weighed as per the boundaries of society. His love insisted conversation and confabulations. He was not agitated about her marital status. He was never a threat and the love was unconditional. But her self condemnation was created by the fallacious perspective of morality. The opposing side vouched that she was equitable. She never compromised her loyalty. But the loyalty was never in trouble anyways. Loyalty is also a bemused term like Morality. It is also governed by situations and scenarios. If you think in a conventional standpoint the loyalty was never in the question for speaking with him.

She mustered courage to go to the hospital next day. She convinced her mind that this is a period of life which has to be accepted. The hospital resembled a monster primed to devour her on that day. The delightful morning weather suddenly stood like a carnivorous plant waiting to catch the prey. Guilt feeling ate up her mind and it started rusting her thoughts. But his empty cabin created mental havoc in her mind. She was not able to define this. There was an emptiness. Her mind commenced a war with morality.  What type of feeling is pushing me to think about Morality? Is it love? If it's love, Whether I am on fault? If I should have gone with him, I should have saved his life, But I should have put my family in despair. Is it a moral compromise to love someone while you have social liabilities? . Questions and thoughts popped up on her mind.

She confessed everything to her husband. He consoled her saying that time will mend the sore. Her husband may be exuberant because she hasn't gone out with him. Society may be happy even though it costed a life. Who lost here? His family? Her love? But one thing is true. Time heals everything because that's life. We learn some lessons from experiences and our minds become strong. That's the metamorphosis. Love can happen anytime anywhere. It crop up without any contemplation. But moral values play a significant role than morality. An action without assessing the situation can bring chaos to your social life. But there is no assurance for self-happiness. 

Its almost an year now. Her mornings are awesome and the hospital is a place to safeguard lives. His cabin is occupied now. The new doctor is busy attending the patients. She doesn't have any remorse now. She valued her husband and daughter above her love. She believes that God saved her life that day by making her say no to him. She has to rescue many lives through hospital....Morality??? It's still draining her brain and mind.  But the smile on her daughter's face is more valuable than that confusion. And I forgot to tell one more thing, her daughter still kisses her forehead on a daily basis and she receives it with utmost confidence, every single time!!!!! 

With Morality,

Leemon Ravi

Monday, 15 February 2021



Interview- A short-duration exercise to find out the essence of a person to fit into a business requirement. But still a 50:50 success probability. I have discerned the growth and decline of multitudinous teams over a stretch of time. That day was also not distinct. The HR department arranged few final rounds on that day also.

I saw an aged person in his fifties sitting on the sofa, wearing a blazer on a worn-out formal sark. The trousers were neatly pressed and the shoes were frayed but tidy. I saw countless candidates with disparate mindsets while waiting for the interview. Someone is pensive, while someone will show uneasiness because of the pressure out of the interviews. Impatient candidates check their watches frequently. But this person was sitting with serene peace and tranquility on his face. He was stock-still and his shank was unmoving. Body language plays a significant part in an interview. It manifests your state of mind. A confident person will always sit in an ankle lock position and on the contrary, a timid person evinces nervous energy, in the form of distraction and movements. 

I scrutinized his resume. It apprises that he had a wide experience in different domains over an expansive period of time. I was flabbergasted that despite vast experience, he was toiling to get a job in the market. The HR executive came to my cabin with a grim smile. She told me that age of this person will be an issue in the long run despite his confident performance in preliminary rounds. She added that he suffers from paralysis on the left side of his body. It was a weird description in the first place. I observed him through the CCTV feed for a while. He was seated with positive intent and a captivating smile on his face. I was curious to explore more.

 I selected him for the final round in spite of all the negative remarks by the HR Executive earlier. He came limbing to my cabin like a wounded soldier strolling after a triumph. I noticed that his teeth were shattered and only 2 teeth were evident on the front side. I asked him to delineate his story. He was working and raked in during his younger age. He was happily married with a daughter. One day, while he was working lightning struck in the form of a stroke. He was paralyzed for a period of 2 years. He was able to feel everything but was unable to convey anything during this horrendous period. His better half abandoned him during this time for better prospects along with his daughter. The face was squeezed and his entire body mutated into a skeleton.

 His friends were unable to recognize him. He got the mobility after 2 years. He never lost his hope and started exploring for a job. He did various low-level assignments for a stretch of 5 years. He further learned that his spouse tied the knot with someone else. He began staying in a compact room on the terrace of a building. I asked him " Why do you want to work at this age? Is it for money or growth? ". "I want to prove to myself that I am not a failure, ", he told instantly.

He needs a platform to harness his contacts for something productive. But his age was the hurdle. It was perilous to employ an unhealthy resource. No personality can be meld with a disability. We already had numerous prospective youngsters applied for the job. They were energetic and oozing with self-confidence. The major highlight was the fighting spirit of this person. It was so encouraging to see someone, who lost every bit of his life mentally and physically, still standing with a paralyzed leg and a squeezed face. The only thing visible in that distorted face was "hope". Nothing was alluring about him apart from the smile... Sorry, I forgot... His blazer. I had only one thing in my hand. Give him an opportunity. I don't know, whether he may perform or not? I don't know, whether he flee because of work pressure? I don't know, whether I will lose my precious man-hours? I don't know, whether he will push my company to the rim? I don't know, whether he is lying?

 But I know this. A job is not only about selecting a perfect person based on his analytical and intellectual skills, but also about giving an opportunity to an indefatigable person. He may be the one, He may not be the one. But who knows, he can fight alongside my team for pushing the vision of the group. I may become a laughing stock in front of the team. But I will be satisfied because " I gave the opportunity to someone against all the odds. I gave him a chance for redemption in his life". Redemption, it's very important. Do with a smile. Pain and setback are routine. Redemption demands mental toughness. Maybe the world will also watch you with a smile. This interview created his path to redemption. And I was not worried about the future this time!! Because I was rediscovering myself through him!!

With Hope,


Sunday, 24 January 2021


The cold was the bane of that country. The people of that country used to catch a cold once they encounter anything strenuous in their life. It was baffling. But it was the verity in that country. People survive only if they are delighted. The intensity of the cold was measured based on the severity of the problem. He was moving swiftly. He realized that cold is a condition of the heart which creates a numbness to do something. Everyone is suffering from a cold. The countrymen are affected with cold as soon as they are mentally depressed. The cold recedes once the depression is over. The challenge is to find out the reason for depression without which it cant be cured. 

He discovered that the majority of people are suffering from cold and many are even converted to viral fever as well. The strange thing was the periodicity of cold. He was curious to find out the cause of his cold. He called his beloved and asked," Where are you? ". " I am out with my friends and occupied". She replied. " When was the last time I squabbled with you?", he asked again. She replied, " We never fought for so many months, you were cordial with me". He recalled that he never gave a damn about her emotions nowadays. So there were no skirmishes. She was suffering from an intermittent cold. But the amazing fact was that her health recovered as soon as luxury items are purchased. They were zestful during the initial phase of their love life. They started getting intermittent cold as time passed. They ignored communication to elude fights. They encountered cold whenever they convened. Space widened, even though they were together. Luxury items and journeys controlled the cold, but it was never a remedy. But fluctuation of their cold in a single day was a jigsaw puzzle for him.

He confabbed with best friends also. They cackled and told him that if you are catching a cold without any reason confer with a psychiatrist. They invited him to enjoy his life with them for some time. He savored with them to the fullest. But still, the cold emerged as soon as everyone left. His contentment was short-lived. He noted that people who are suffering from a severe cold are still fighting on a daily basis. Their life is in a haste and makes a huge lot of money. Because of that many of them were ailed.

He finally went to his mother. The surprise factor was that his mere presence turned her health into normal. She was wholly fit but physically ailed. His mother was trembling with heavy fever and cold. He noticed her for the first time. She was very young and energetic with ballistic energy during her childhood. But she is weak now like a dwindling flower deprived of its youth. He thought that she is also feverish like the other countrymen. But he has seen a sudden surge of energy and youthfulness in her as soon as he touched her body. She smiled with utmost sweetness and love. He felt a sudden dip in his cold and felt the tranquility of mind. He never had that inner feeling, which was like an empty cage after unleashing the beast. He was perplexed but happy. The happiness of his mind always reaches the peak point while seeing his dear ones, especially his mother. 

Cold is only a physical condition but a mind affected with a cold is more dangerous. Because the mind has the power to raise or ravage you. You may not even understand this rusting of mind till you deviate from your actual flow. If you see in a literal sense, people are influenced by different types of cold, which has a direct impact on their mind and control the events. People execute different things and undergo numerous programs to heal a mental cold. But the ultimate peace or treatment lies within. It can be given only by your well-wishers. We incur cold assuming that our dear ones will be deprived of it. But the event has a nagging effect on them and their cold can go to an elevated level. The richer segment of society had a biased level of cold and the same as in the case of materialistic lovers. But what's the solution? Is this a mental condition? Whether the country and its people are in danger? No, It's the only way to feel life. But, ya recovery is important. 

He was still confused. He asked his mother "What's the solution?" She told, " Don't worry about the cold, concentrate on your happiness,". He asked " Why are you not healthy? Why are you not concentrating on your happiness? She told with a smile, "You are my happiness". The answer he was exploring lied with in the problem. Being happy is a state of mind, with the right people. The cold was inevitable without which the value of happiness is unknown. But the major problem is the way of handling the cold. It will be a toll on your willpower and character. But your happiness is an antidote for your special one's infected with cold. During childhood, he was happy because he was doing things without any restrictions.

He sat and figured out the things he loves. He pursued the things he loves once more. Suddenly the country appeared contrasting. The country which was a dreadful and ironic set up changed into a positive and vibrant place. Mind and body oscillated with energy. His mother never fell ill because of the cold after that. His presence has reduced the intensity of cold for his friends. Even though his girlfriend found vibes with him. Even though her cold was fluctuating, it was controllable. The country is still affected by the cold, but many happy minds are still fighting it out... Yes, We are recuperating.....We are almost there... Walk the journey with your head high, because your heart is still beating, definitely for a purpose and that's " YOU."

With Hope,

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Entrepreneurship and COVID Strategies


COVID 19, the pandemic which shook the world with the ferocity of its extent. This has left many entrepreneurs in lurch and confusion. The world was never ready for this pandemic and the economic doldrums have abominably affected numerous startups. The following pointers will help an entrepreneur during this patch.

 People are business

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you should first approach the business as people and not revenue and profit. This is the major aspect pretermitted by many and triggered their catastrophe over a period of time. Branding may help you to snowball your business, but remember that a bunch of people can reinforce your business. Many of the zealous entrepreneurs and businesses follow the below-mentioned loop
a) Back up an idea
b) Build up a team
c) Scuttle behind VCs
d) Guesstimate the company
e) Raise funds from VCs or Angels
f) Egress with compensation
The pivotal thing they forget is that they became an entrepreneur because of their passion. The time you scout for VCs can be used for building up a bunch of staunch people. Instead of worrying about the percentage of profit, you can give an opportunity to people who have relevant proficiency in the field as business partners. They will run the affairs for you and business sharing has limitless alternatives. This pandemic has supported only such types of businesses and marked the end of doltishly evaluated companies. Many of the investors incurred losses because they run behind trends rather than feasibility in the longer run. If you scrutinize and peruse the companies which survived for a long period of time, you can conclude that it's solely because of a bunch of people and not because of evaluations and fake branding strategies. Being genuine is indispensable in the market rather than showing it off. COVID situation has wiped off highly evaluated companies because of the lack of supporting people.

 Adaptability and Flexibility

Being an entrepreneur, setting up a vision is imperative. The strategies followed towards the mission creates the difference. You have to be adaptable and flexible in the master plan. For example, businesses that heavily relied upon offline methods to bolster customer acquisition is pushed to back foot because of the pandemic. The business ideologies which balanced offline and online methods survived. Flexibility in your approach is very much important. You have to remember that demands push a business irrespective of a pandemic. Diversified segments are the need of the hour. Cross-selling is the mantra. We cant reckon on a single segment and run the establishment. You should be flexible enough to deduce the customer requirements and nudge the right segments at the right time. As an entrepreneur, your vision cannot be changed, but strategies can. You should clearly understand that you may be deprived of personal life, luxuries, holidays, etc during the preliminary period, but a buoyant entrepreneur will know to convert the toil into results.

Disentangled methodologies, The prominence of social media & Business sharing and resources

Creating a naive and disciplined business process is significant. Complicated customer support and troubleshooting have devoured myriad businesses. A consumer yearns a simplified process. Sometimes just talking to them can bring repose to them. Creating a hierarchy to tackle micromanagement may be good tactics. But you should make sure that there will be a logical TAT ( Turn Around Time) for the same. Otherwise, your portfolio will vaporize at a rapid pace before even consolidating it. Branding and marketing are facile with the introduction of social media platforms. I think giving benefits to your customers rather than spending a huge amount on the advertisement will fetch you more results. If your 10 friends have an average of 500 connections in social media platforms, this will burgeon to 5000 at zero cost. If you give the right benefit, the reach of your idea will be far more extensive at a nominal cost. An organic reach will fetch business compared to a paid reach. Giving the opportunity to the right people and share your resources will take your business to the pinnacle. A start-up should bank on a shared business profit strategy rather than an employee module. An employee module will sustain once your salary liability is 10% of total revenue. May be your profit revenues are less but the generated revenues will be colossal. You need partners or associates who are capable of generating revenue, creating multiple strategies, and developing technical overlays. A rich partner can be a curse rather than a blessing, since his input will only be money, and money alone can't run a business. The companies who flaunted crores of investors' money are the best paradigm of this.

Emotional intelligence

A group of people emotionally connected with a business can move mountains compared to a group of intellectuals. It's very important for an entrepreneur to imbibe the ownership of his/her idea to the people encompassing the entrepreneur. Pro-activeness and resourceful brainstorming will commence from emotional connection only. I am not saying that IQ is not important, but during testing times an emotional quotient will keep the odds together. A business propagated through people as an emotion will grow and hold its ground for a longer time. LIC is a perfect example of the same. The company may be losing portfolio because of technological advances but the emotional quotient allowed it to stand as a major player in their segment. 

Entrepreneurship is not at all a comfortable career option, but the right strategy with the right vision can take you to limitless opportunities. I salute many entrepreneurs who toiled their way up and who lost their way in the process. This pandemic has taught us that connections and business advancements can be achieved without expensive business events and branding campaigns. The majority of people think that segments like tourism and aviation are nearing extinction, but an entrepreneur will see this as an opportunity to reboot and wait for the right opportunity. Because once this crisis is over, let it be 1-2 years, the influx of people who will be using these platforms will be countless and the loss can be recovered in 1 month time. But you have to slash your costs and think of survival strategies as of now. The segments which are dead will open up with a threshold of revenue that you can't even imagine over a period of time. So I suggest startups not to lose heart rather work on strategies in a flexible and adaptable way with loads of emotional quotient. The world is there for your taking... Hard work always pays...

With Hope,

Sunday, 1 March 2020


She was exuberant and Overwhelmed. The news of her son' s arrival has literally lifted her to a new dimension. She was waiting patiently for him for the past 1 year. She has purchased a shirt and trouser for him, even though she didn't know the new generation style. The happiness of a gift and the sorrow of a loss is equivalent. It may sound funny for many of us, but she went into depression for a table fan. Yes, she has purchased a table fan on her younger ages after so much planning and financial balancing. She was the happiest person on the earth once the table fan has occupied a space in her bedroom. But when her family was thrown out of that house for nonpayment of rent, the owner has kept it to compensate his rent. She was devastated and turned back 100 times to see that table fan while leaving the house. It was sitting in the same space as her bedroom, maybe expecting her. That day she understood the pain and agony of losing something special. But this incident has given her the strength to withstand all calamities in her life. The depression was needed. The table fan has taught her to fight the pain.

She loved her son and succored him with robustness. She was geared up for the festival and his sudden call informing his unavailability has triggered a gush of anger rather than depression. She yelled at him. She told him not to see her again. She threw the gift under the bed and went for her routine. He was furious and sad. The reaction of mom has created negative ripples in his brain. He always gave importance to mom and valued her struggle. She was a confidante to him and used to give pragmatic suggestions for problems. She stood with him through thick and thin. She was a keen listener of his misadventures. He decided not to discuss any personal matters with her and never to go home for any festival. They stopped their prates. Their souls and brain were filled with rage.

One month passed by. He got a break finally. He missed his house and place. She was going through her routine and chores. She ignored festivals. Her mind said, " Festivals are those which are celebrated by fools, who have ample time in their life".

She was overwhelmed with happiness to see his face as soon as she opened the door. She has decided not to give any space for him in her life. But his presence relaxed her overburdened mind. She hugged him and their anger and grudge spurted down in the form of tears. He detected a sense of peace as soon as his mother hugged him. He never discerned this equanimity and peace in any luxurious accommodation or wilderness of nature. He realized that he can be unfiltered in front of her. She realized that his absence will be disastrous for her. She has given the gift from under the bed to him and as usual, it was not at all as per his expectation. But he accepted it gleefully. That day they were again bonded by a love, which is unconditional and it brought peace to their disturbed minds.
His presence was her festival. Her presence was his existence. You can probably ignore the fact and move along searching for solace. But time is an imposing force which cant be played with. It will make you realize that all the ways to find happiness were fake. They are triggered by a series of short-lived material benefits.

But the irony is that he still misses the festival and she hurls the gifts under the bed in anger every time. Both of them celebrate whenever they meet. They exchange gifts, but definitely not as per their expectations😀!!!!

For all mothers for "being a woman"

Monday, 26 August 2019


“ Okay Fine” the tattooed letter mixed with ink and blood emulated a new value and cause in her life. The pain of tattoo needles was minuscule, because her soul was pricked on regular intervals. They were in relationship for almost 2 years. She was sober and edgy about relationships. But he came like a rain fall in her life, which was a forlorn desert  and the emotional temperature was on a sore high. The tattoo artist was perplexed with her choice of content and he has apprehensions about the length. But she was adamant and emotionless about her choice.

He was exuberant and she was expressive. Her thoughts and perspective about love was comprehensively redefined by him. She wondered about their love and often perplexed while running her fingers on his hair. They conveyed their love through their eyes, stare and actions and the world stood stand still whenever they met. After the demise of father in her early age, his love brought back the paternal care.

Friend ship in a city augments based on mutual benefits. She understood this in a short span of time. She was like a paper boat wafting as per the current of  river. Though she was strong and cant be wrecked, dryness engulfed everywhere. The days flied by and their love grew stronger. His bullet unraveled different destinations with her. He was the perfect foil for her.  She never envisaged that he will dominate her thoughts for the rest of the life.

The lorry which toppled his car took away his life in a whisker. Her phone calls were not answered. She frantically searched for her love. She was ditched by many lustful minds earlier. The fear of loosing the love catapulted her mind like a termite. The information about his death by a friend turned her world upside down. The memories with him flashed and disappeared. She has pushed to a black hole of sorrow. The black hole has not countenanced any ray of hope inside . She created a virtual world where they have shared their feelings.  Her love overflowed with him in that imaginary sphere. But senses brought her back to a real world engrossed with darkness. Intense darkness submerged her small world of joy.

She ascertained an important thing. The things which she felt like his awful qualities has become an emotional liability now. She really craved for that possessiveness of him. She always fought for her personal space, but the same personal space fettered her like a black hole. Her individuality was not complete with out his imperfections. The biggest achievement in her life was their togetherness. Philosophies of moving on was futile. But she has to move on. Their fights, ego clashes, opinion differences, absence of personal space and all was a part of their bond. His absence is not breaking the bond now. It has strengthened with out him. She has seen his last text to her. It was written as " Okay Fine". Now she inked his last words in her body to remember that, its ok, fine, move on!! But her memory is still bewitched by him. She don't know whether a different person will possess it or not. But one thing is sure.  He is inked with her body and soul now. So its " Okay Fine". She will stand and combat with her possessed mind and inked body, for their successful love.

With Love
Leemon Ravi

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Time for Saffronisation or Self Realisation???

Indian Citizens - A confused set of people because of umpteen rules and resolutions devised for the mutual benefit of administrators and politicians. Political parties and their perpetrators twisted and squeezed the crowd as per their whims and fancies. If you have thought that the ill effects of rationalized regional or religion biased are fading away, it’s wrong. Virtual Social media spaces and online forums are corrupting the brain of youth with useless religious perceptions. The propaganda is similar. Create vote bank and followers in the most brutal way.

Political parties who claim to be the messiah of various religions are dividing the minds and most importantly diverting the minds from primal issues. Situation of the country has not improved but rather declined on an alarming rate after a series of debacle in economic and administrative fronts. It's very clear that tax collection is never an issue in India, but tax allocation is. Privatization at the cost of destroyed public establishments can harm the transparency. People often argue that privatization can bring changes to the ailing public establishments. But the cost and transparency can go north and the same will be a burden for the tax payer. Religion is unable to feed a person but a powerful economy can. Government is concentrating in social media verbal jugglery and propaganda politics and not development. Aiding various Hindu outfits for saffronisation will be a nemesis, since it’s a distraction to blind fold sick economic policies.

It's understood that PR agencies are doing a smashing job in creating a positive virtual impact to the youth.  We have a doomed manufacturing and agricultural segments. We think that digitization is a revolution for economic empowerment, but it's not. GST has triggered confusions instead of creating an impetus in the business segments. Social media platforms act as a medium to inject unnecessary religious propaganda. Government has ample time to lay optic fiber across the length and width of the country, but failed to make earmarking of fertile land banks for agriculture. India is blessed with an array of biased and corrupt media houses.

There was a time where a print media alone used to rip apart Government bodies in case of a defective policy. Nowadays these umpteen channels don’t have the caliber to expose the push for saffronisation to diverge the thoughts of Indian youth. No one is trying to downplay ones belief. But you can't create an environment to make a normal person think that something is happening to his religious belief. Hinduism is an ideology and it can't cover your imperfections. The competition in recruiting people for different religious outfits is not our answer for development. But we need our youth to analyze and act, not definitely brain washed. The time has come for self-realization. Since the politicians and the earlier Governments use our tax money for any policy related allocations, they have to be held accountable for the crashed policies. We can’t sit and think that “All is Well”, when we are already on well.

The day our youth start questioning the result of Government implementations like GST, De- Monetization, Digital India, Smart cities, formation of NITI Aayog ETC more than saffronisation, conversion and religious spur, the administrators will do something creative. Otherwise they will feed us with only ideas and not results. The most funniest question is “What the earlier government has done to prosper the country?”. Citizens of India voted them out because of the same reason and we entrusted the job to a new Government. If you don’t know to fix it, don’t give false hopes to the youth in the pretext of religion. The economic and religious mess created by this Government will be ever remembered over a period, if they won’t put their thought process in the right direction. Self realization should be our key and definitely not saffronisation.


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